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10 Lb Pro 10 Purple K Fire Extinguisher (BC) (23778B discontinued)
10 Lb Pro 10 Purple K Fire Extinguisher (BC) (23778B discontinued)
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  • UL Rating of 60-B:C.
  • 10 lb Purple K Maximum Power Dry Chemical Extinguisher (BC) with a strong aluminum valve body for standard commercial applications.
  • Handle made from pressed heavy gauge metal for added strength and a reliable gauge for quick and easy pressure checks.
  • Heavy Industrial Design and Meets Military Specifications.
  • 6 year Limited Waranty.
  • Wall Hook Provided.
  • Shipping Weight 16.4 lbs.
  • Fire extinguisher is shipped in 2 pieces, unpressurized, due to shipping hazard.
  • May be pressurized at a local fire and safety equipment distributor.
  • Industrial Applications such as Military, Oil Cos, Airports, Labs, Plants, Garages and Trucks. Purple K Agent is 2.5 times more effective than regular dry chemical.
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