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6 Liter Universal Ultra Foam Fire Extinguisher (AB)
6 Liter Universal Ultra Foam Fire Extinguisher (AB)
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  • Manufatuctured by Badger.
  • UL Rating of 1-A:20-B.
  • Size - 6 liter.
  • Air aspirated discharge nozzle design.
  • Black anodized machined aluminum nozzle.
  • Chrome plated brass valve.
  • Stainless steel handle and lever.
  • Color coded labels for instant type recognition.
  • Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger fire pictograms.
  • Full stainless steel cylinder that resists corrosion.
  • Extended discharge times.
  • UL Listed.

Foam Fire Extinguisher Specifications

6 liter 2 1/2 gal.
Part Number


23697B (not this unit)

Model F-100 F-250
UL Rating 1-A:20-B 1-A:30-B
Valve Material Nickel/Chrome-Brass Nickel/Chrome-Brass
Shell Diameter (in.) 7.00 7.00
Height (in.) 19.50 24.50
Nozzle Finger Guard Yes Yes
Discharge Time (sec) 50-55 90-100
Discharge Range (ft.) 10-15 10-15
Operating Pressure (psi) 100 100
Cylinder Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Bracket Provided Wall Hanger Wall Hanger

Common Applications
Manufacturing facilities Emergency response
Constructyion sites and workshops Laboratories and test facilities
Fuel handling and transfer areas Gas stations and service garages
Warehouses and storages facilities Racetracks and showrooms
Solvent handling processes Print shops and printing operations

Badger�s new " Universal Ultra " Foam extinguishers are effective on class " A" common combustibles as well as both hydrocarbon and polar solvent types of class "B" flammable liquids, so they eliminate the application guess work associated with other foams. The unique synthetic base of " Universal Ultra" foam does not have any offensive odors, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and extremely simple to use and clean up! The fire extinguisher is shipped empty and can be taken to a local fire equipment distributor for charging. You may purchase the adaptor and air valve at time of charging or from this site under Commercial Products, Misc. Accessories.
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