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2.5 Gal ProPlus 2.5L-K Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (K)
2.5 Gal ProPlus 2.5L-K Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher (K)
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  • 2.5 gal Wet Chemical (Potassium Acetate Solution) Extinguisher (K) with a safe and durable, fully stainless steel cylinder.
  • Also know as 23171 by Badger.
  • Top quality chrome plated brass valve.
  • Resists corrosion, dents and punctures. UL Rating of K. Easiest to service.
  • Maximum performance at high and low temperature extremes.
  • No Plastic Boot.
  • Required by code for commercial kitchens.
  • Meets NFPA Class K requirement.
  • Shipping Weight 19 lbs.
  • Fire extinguisher is shipped in 2 pieces, unpressurized, due to shipping hazard.
  • May be pressurized at a local fire and safety equipment distributor.



Height 24.5
Width 9
Discharge Time 75-80
Discharge Range 8-12
Operating Pressure (PSI) 100
Cylinder Material Stainless Steel
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