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Plug-in Sounder for use with Wireless Interconnect Alarm
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Plug-in Sounder for use with Wireless Interconnect Alarm
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This product is no longer available. It has been discontinued.
The Kidde Wireless SmokeSounder provides additional warning for those who may not wake to the sound of a traditional smoke alarm. Its loud talking voice announces "Danger! Fire! Wake up! Follow the Escape Plan!" and is accompanied by a distinctive pitch designed to better wake children and older adults. Studies have shown that a vocal warning is more successful at waking children than the sound of a traditional smoke alarm. Lower frequency tones also may be more effective at waking children and those with high frequency hearing loss (most commonly brought on by aging). The SmokeSounder links with any Kidde Wireless smoke alarm so that when the smoke alarm sounds, it triggers the SmokeSounder to sound, providing more warning in more places, and giving families more time to escape a fire.

The SmokeSounder does not detect smoke, and must be used with at least one of the following Kidde Wireless smoke alarms.
A/C Powered 1279 | Battery Powered 0919


  • Wireless Technology � Uses radio frequency to receive messages from any Kidde Wireless smoke alarm; when one alarm sounds, all units sound.
  • Voice Warning � Clear voice warning states the danger present. Studies show voice may be more effective at waking children who sleep through a traditional smoke alarm.
  • Lower Frequency Tone � Loud beep alerts user to deadly smoke and fire and is set at a pitch that studies show may be more effective at waking children and adults with high frequency hearing loss.
  • Plug-In with Battery Backup � Plugs into any electrical outlet in a bedroom or other room that needs additional warning. 9v battery (included) protects during short-term power outages.
  • Smart Touch Button �Quickly and temporarily silences nuisance alarms activated by any alarm in the system; will hush a low battery chirp for up to 12 hours; will test the operation of the alarm and interconnected system.
  • Low Battery Warning � States "Low Battery" and chirps once a minute with the red LED flashing to indicate batteries need replacing.
  • Red LED � Flashes in conjunction with alarm beep, i.e. during an alarm response, to indicate low battery, or to indicate a unit error.
  • Green LED � Illuminates to indicate both AC and battery power, and flashes to indicate battery-only power mode.
  • Unique ID Code � Dipswitch pattern inhibits interference from similar systems nearby.
  • Multiple Mounting Options � May be plugged into an outlet, placed on a nightstand or shelf, or hung on a wall.
  • UL Listed Transformer
  • Warranty - 5-Year
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