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Kidde  Smoke  Alarm (85dB) w/Battery Backup & Hush Button
Kidde  Smoke  Alarm (85dB) w/Battery Backup & Hush Button
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  • Hush� Feature �Temporarily silences nuisance alarms
  • Battery Backup (9V battery included) � Provides continuous protection even during power outages
  • Tamper Resist Locking Pin �Provides a visual indication when an originating alarm has been activated
  • Test/Reset Button �Tests smoke alarm circuitry and horn and resets alarm memory
  • Red LED �Flashes every 30-40 seconds to indicate that the smoke alarm is operating properly
  • Green LED �Indicates AC power is present
  • Battery Pull Tab �Eliminates battery installation time and keeps battery fresh
  • Quick Connect Power Harness �Makes installation fast and easy
  • Ionization Sensor �Protects best on fast flaming fires
  • Interconnectable �Interconnect up to 24 Kidde devices (of which 18 can be initiating, 12 may be smoke alarms) on one wiring network

Important Information � Please Read

A maximum of 24 Lifesaver devices may be interconnected in a multiple station arrangement. The interconnect system should not exceed the NFPA interconnect limit of 18 alarms total. The 18 alarms can be composed of no more than any of the following:
  • 12 smoke alarms
  • 12 heat detectors
  • 12 carbon monoxide detectors
The total alarms can not exceed 18 total nor 12 units of any type of alarm.

One system can support up to 6 remote signaling devices such as relay modules/strobe lights.

A maximum distance between first and last unit interconnected is 1000 feet.

Required Interconnect Accessories

SM120X-Relay module for interconnecting smoke alarms to auxiliary devices such as strobe lights
CO120X-Relay module for interconnecting carbon monoxide detectors to auxiliary devices such as strobe lights

Please note alarms that do not have a battery back up or a working battery will not sound during a power outage whether interconnected or not.
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