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10 lb Fire Extiguisher Choices

Fire Extinguisher Selection Options by Extinguishing Agent
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Product # Contents Units UL Rating Extinguishing Agent Price
23082B 11 lbs 1-A;10-B:C Halotron $454.95
23097B 15.5 lbs 2-A;10-B:C Halotron $688.95
23396B 10 lbs 4-A;80-B:C Multi-Purpose Dry Chem $93.95
466204K 10 lbs 4-A;60-B:C Multi-Purpose Dry Chem $83.95
23781B 10 lbs 60-B:C Multi-Purpose Dry Chem $127.95
21103B 10 lbs 10-B:C Carbon Dioxide $368.95
21106B 10 lbs 10-B:C Carbon Dioxide $262.95
22676B 10 lbs 60-B:C Regular Dry Chemical $91.95
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