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Wool Fire Blanket

Wool Fire Blanket

Wool is a naturally flame retardant fiber, making it ideal for use in a fire blanket. For added protection, many fire blankets that you'll find on the market have been treated with chemicals to increase their fire resistance. At FireSafetySource, you can purchase wool fire blankets that have been treated with DuPont X-12 for added protection.

A wool fire blanket is only as effective as where it is placed. For your convenience, FireSafetySource offers many cabinets for attractive and convenient storage. If you run an office building, you might want to place fire blanket cabinets and wool fire blankets in every public space, in addition to having fire extinguishers located throughout your building. You can place them by doorways, in hallways, or under cabinets--virtually anywhere that they can be easily reached in the event of an emergency.

When to Use a Wool Fire Blanket

You should be aware of the potential limitations of a wool fire blanket when you are stocking your office. While they are incredibly easy to use, you must get close to fires in order to smother the flames. A wool fire blanket should not be used to extinguish large fires, as this would require getting too close. In such a case, however, the fire blanket can protect you so that you can escape.

By purchasing fire extinguishers in addition to wool fire blankets, you can better protect yourself and your employees. Contact FireSafetySource today at (913) 485-9918 to learn more about the discount pricing available on large orders. You can also find out more about wool fire blankets and blanket cabinets by contacting them at or by calling (913) 485-9918.

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