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Fire Protection Blankets

Fire Protection Blankets

For small fires in your home, fire extinguishers can be an invaluable resource. You might place one in your kitchen, as well as another near your bedrooms, depending on the size of your home. With fire extinguishers, however, it's important that your children know how to operate them should they ever need to use them.

If they panic, however, they might not be able to use a fire extinguisher properly. You can prepare better for any fire emergencies by placing fire protection blankets in different rooms in your homes. Fire protection blankets are large enough to engulf most people and put out fires on clothing or small fires in your home.

Storage Options for Fire Protection Blankets

One important aspect of using fire protection blankets is storing them in optimal locations. Fire protection blankets are ineffective if they are stored deep within your closet or anywhere else that is hard for you to reach. At FireSafetySource, in addition to a selection of the highest quality fire protection blankets available, you will also find cabinets in which to store blankets so that they are ready to use.

Discreet cabinets can be placed next to the doorways in your home or blankets can be kept in bags under furniture in different rooms. To find out more about the selection of fire protection blankets available from FireSafetySource, contact them at or (913) 485-9918. To inquire about discounts on volume orders, call them and ask for volume discounts pricing.
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