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Fire Proof Blanket

Fire Proof Blanket

When most students go off to college, they spend a few years living in the college dorms with hundreds of other students. In every hallway, there should be fire extinguishers that are properly charged. Over time, however, the pressure in the fire extinguishers may drop and they may not be recharged.

Rather than taking a chance with your child's safety, you can provide her with safety supplies when she heads off to college. In addition to a first aid kit with bandages, you may also want to include a fire proof blanket. A fire proof blanket can be discreetly stored underneath a bed or on the wall.

When You Might Need a Fire Proof Blanket

Though you may not think your child needs to bring a fire proof blanket, there are many ways a fire can start accidentally and need to be contained. Paper may come into contact with an electrical stove or hotplate, or the fire might be caused by electrical equipment. Many students light or scent their room with candles. Whatever the reason that a fire may start, a fire proof blanket can quickly smother the flames.

At FireSafetySource, you can find a large selection of fire proof blankets. You'll also find different ways to store the blanket, from bags to metal cabinets. Call them at (888) 947-3473 or contact them at to find out more about their fire proof blankets. If you want to order several for your office, call for information on discounts for large orders.
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