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Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

While most of us think about the safety of our homes, we may not put as much thought into how safe we are in the office. If you work in a multi-story office building, you may have a hard time reaching the fire exits when you hear the alarms go off. Even if your office is just down the hall from one of the exits, there may be a fire or some other emergency on your floor, in which case it will not be safe for you to open the door to the hallway.

Rather than waiting for help to arrive, you can be proactive and prepare in advance by purchasing an emergency fire escape ladder and storing it in your office. An emergency fire escape ladder is completely collapsible, so you can discreetly store it in a drawer or cabinet. The ladder can then be placed over your window frame, providing you with a stable way to reach the ground.

A Hassle-Free Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

FireSafetySource offers both 13 and 25 foot emergency fire escape ladders. Both feature anti-slip metal rungs, ensuring stability while you use the ladder. With no assembly required and a tangle-free design, you'll be able to set the ladder up quickly, even in the most stressful situations.

While you may hope that you never need to use an emergency fire escape ladder in your office, having one in your office provides additional safety and security. To learn more about the fire escape ladders, contact FireSafetySource today at or (888) 947-3473. You can also call them to find out about their discount rates on large orders if you are an employer.

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