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Lab Fire Blankets

Lab Fire Blankets

Fire safety in the lab starts in the morning before you even arrive, when you dress properly in long pants, no dangling sleeves or jewelry and shoes that do not leave your feet or toes exposed. If you are working with chemicals, you should always make sure you begin with the appropriate safety equipment, such as goggles and masks. In addition to taking these preventative measures, you should also know where fire safety products are located in the lab.

When you are working in the lab, you should know where the nearest fire extinguisher and fire blankets are located. You should also know the types of fires which the extinguisher can put out. In the event that your clothing catches fire, you should remember to "stop, drop, and roll."

Lab Fire Blankets Can Help Save You or a Co-Worker

If you are working in the lab with someone who has caught fire, you can assist in putting it out to prevent further injury. While the person should get on the ground and start rolling to extinguish the flames, you can help with fire blankets. Fire blankets are large enough to entirely cover most people, depriving the fire of the oxygen that it needs to continue burning.

If you are setting up your own lab, you can stock up on fire safety blankets and extinguishers at FireSafetySource. They offer both fast shipping and competitive pricing on all of their fire safety products. Contact them at (913) 485-9918 or at to find out their bulk pricing or to request more information about any of their fire blankets.
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