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Kitchen Fire Blankets

Kitchen Fire Blankets

Depending on the nature of a fire, there are different ways to put it out properly. One of the most problematic types of fire can be a kitchen fire. While your initial reaction might be to try to douse the flames with water, this can make the problem much worse.

If the fire was caused by an electrical problem or burning oils or fat, you should not use water to try to extinguish it. This can cause the fire to spread, and you may burn yourself in the process. To protect your family from such kitchen fires, be certain that your kitchen is stocked with an extinguisher or fire blankets that can be reached quickly.

Kitchen Fire Blankets and Fire Extinguishers

The right type of fire extinguisher can put out your kitchen fires: a class A extinguisher for ordinary combustibles, a class B for oils, and a class C for electrical equipment. You can also use kitchen fire blankets to smother the flames of any type of fire by depriving it of oxygen. The fire retardant blankets can also be used to wrap yourself in, should the fire be too large for you to put out and you need to exit the kitchen safely.

Kitchen fire blankets should be stored in close proximity to the places you are likeliest to need them. At FireSafetySource, you'll find kitchen fire blankets and storage cabinets to mount them near doorways, on walls, or in a cabinet. To find out more about their kitchen fire blankets, call them at (888) 947-3473 or email them at
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