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Kidde Fire Escape Ladders

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Fire safety is one of the most important skills that we learn throughout school. Each year, the principles are reinforced with fire drills, during which children practice how to exit the school in an orderly fashion. You should put the same preparation into learning to escape your own home from higher floors with fire escape ladders.

You might imagine that fire escape ladders are difficult to position and use. With Kidde fire escape ladders, however, almost anyone will be able to set the ladder up and easily exit the home. At FireSafetySource, you'll find both two and three story models of Kidde escape ladders.

Kidde Fire Escape Ladders Support up to 1,000 Pounds

Each of these fire escape ladders is constructed with anti-slip rungs and is thoroughly tested to support up to 1,000 pounds. Since you will likely be in a hurry to escape during the fire, Kidde ladders are designed so that you can easily and quickly attach them to most windows. The two story ladder weighs less than eight pounds and the three story ladder weighs just over 12 pounds, so you won't struggle to lift, install, or unroll Kidde fire escape ladders.

When you order fire escape ladders from FireSafetySource, you'll benefit not only from low prices, but also fast shipping. To learn more about Kidde fire escape ladders, contact FireSafetySource at or (888) 947-3473. If you are going to order a large quantity, call for information about their discount programs.

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