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Home Fire Ladder

Home Fire Ladder

Homes with bedrooms located on the second or third floor can offer increased privacy to members of your family. If you are entertaining people from work and your children want to have their friends over, you can both have enough space. You should, however, consider the specific threats to your family's safety in large homes.

If you have young children, for example, you may want to install windows that allow you to prevent them from opening fully so that children cannot fall from them inadvertently. Your children, however, should be aware of how to operate these windows in the event of an emergency. By fully opening the windows, they can provide themselves with another exit from your home with the use of a home fire ladder.

The Benefits of a Portable Home Fire Ladder

While some fire ladders can be permanently installed, you can also choose a portable home fire ladder. When it's not being used, it can be stored in a closet so you don't have a large metal structure marring the exterior of your hope or taking up space inside. To use the home fire ladder, you need simply secure it on the window sill and unroll the length of the ladder.

At FireSafetySource, you can purchase both two and three story home fire ladders. Each ladder includes anti-slip rungs so that you and your family can safely exit your home from any upper window. To learn more about the home fire ladder models they carry, contact them at or (888) 947-3473. If you're ordering large quantities, please call for information about their quantity discounts.

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