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Fireproof Blanket

Fireproof Blanket

There are many ways a fire can start in an office building. An electrical fire could start in any office or an employee lounge. A fire can also start in a room in which smoking is permitted. If your office building has a kitchen in it, this is another place where fires can easily start.

Rather than taking any chances, the best way to protect yourself and your employees is to stock up on fire safety equipment. In addition to complying with safety codes, you should go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your workers. You have an obligation to provide your employees with a safe working environment, but it makes good financial sense too. You can lose substantial revenue while your employees are recovering from fire accidents.

Positioning Your Fireproof Blanket Cabinets in the Office

In addition to the sprinkler system in your office building, you should also position fire extinguishers and fireproof blankets throughout the space. A fireproof blanket is constructed from flame retardant materials such as wool or fiberglass. In addition to being large enough to smother the flames on clothing that has caught fire, a fireproof blanket should be able to put out other small fires in trash baskets or in kitchens.

FireSafetySource provides a large selection of fire protection equipment, from fireproof blankets and blanket cabinets to extinguishers and alarms. They offer fast shipping and low prices on all of their products, so you can buy in large quantities to protect your employees. To find out more about their quantity discounts or to learn more about fireproof blankets and blanket cabinets, call them today at (913) 485-9918; you can also contact them at
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