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Fire Retardant Blankets

Fire Retardant Blankets

Much of the fire safety instruction you're likely to receive at school or at work focuses on fire prevention and extinguishing manageable fires. In some cases, though, the size of the fire may be beyond what you can handle. While the safest course of action for you is to get away from the blaze, your exit may be blocked by the fire, and you may need to help get others out, as well.

Rather than trying to dash through the flames, which will almost certainly result in burns, you can protect yourself with fire retardant blankets. At FireSafetySource, you'll find both wool and fiberglass fire retardant blankets. The wool fire retardant blankets are chemically coated to be more flame retardant and are large enough to wrap around yourself for maximum safety.

Put Your Fire Retardant Blankets Where You Can Get Them Easily

It's important that your fire retardant blankets be placed in an accessible location. At FireSafetySource, you can choose among several steel cabinets, including some that mount on your walls. For compact storage, you can opt for a cabinet in which the blanket is wrapped around a roller.

In addition to fire retardant blankets, you'll find a large selection of fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, and other fire safety products. If you are purchasing large quantities of fire retardant blankets for your home or workplace, call FireSafetySource at (913) 485-9918 for information about their discount programs. You can also get additional information about any of their products by contacting them at or by phone.
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