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Fire Escape Rope Ladders

Fire Escape Rope Ladders

Many suburban neighborhoods around the country are planned so that there is some degree of uniformity in the design of the homes. For example, the homes might conform to the same architectural style or use the same color palette. One of the objectives of this kind of planning is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire community.

Since pristine exteriors are so highly prized, you are not likely to find fire escape ladders attached to each of the homes in your area. While these metal structures--often found in downtown apartment buildings--provide additional safety to the residents, they are certainly not very attractive visually. If you are not opting to put fire escapes on the upper floors of your home, however, you need a safe alternative.

Provide Your Residents with Fire Escape Rope Ladders

If your construction company is involved in planning and building a community, you may want to consider providing buyers with fire escape rope ladders. These rope ladders can be stored underneath a bed or in a closet, so they will not affect the appearance of the home. Should someone on one of the higher floors ever need to exit through the window, fire escape rope ladders can be secured around the window sill and provide a path of egress.

FireSafetySource offers both two and three story fire escape rope ladders. Both are solidly constructed with metal rungs and able to support up to 1,000 pounds. Contact them at or (913) 485-9918 to find out more or discuss discounts when you are placing large orders.

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