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Emergency Fire Blankets

Emergency Fire Blankets

There is no reason for you to be caught off guard by a fire in your home. While you hope that you will never have to use emergency fire equipment such as ladders, extinguishers, and blankets, you should keep them on hand just in case. You should also be sure that your family knows how to react in the event of an emergency. Hold practices so you have the chance to talk procedures through.

Kitchen fires are somewhat common, as grease and oil can catch fire while cooking. Instead of panicking at the sound of the emergency alarms or calling for emergency services, you may be able to put out the fire on your own if you are prepared. At FireSafetySource, you'll find all the emergency equipment that you need to cope with fires.

Wool and Fiberglass Emergency Fire Blankets

Among the products in their selection are wool and fiberglass fire blankets. These blankets can serve two different purposes. While you can use them to put out small fires, much as you would use a fire extinguisher, you can also use them to shield yourself to get out of your home if the fire gets out of hand.

To keep your fire blankets accessible during an emergency, FireSafetySource has cabinets specifically designed for fire blankets. In addition to their selection of emergency fire blankets, they also carry fire extinguishers and alarms at competitive prices. Contact them at (913) 485-9918 or if you need more information about their products or want to learn about discounts for large orders.
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