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Emergency Escape Ladders

Emergency Escape Ladders

If you are living in an apartment building, you should know where the nearest fire escape is located. If you ever need to evacuate the building during an emergency, you should not be spending your time searching for an escape route. You might find that the fire escape is located a considerable distance from your apartment and would be difficult to access if there were an emergency such as a fire on your floor.

In such a case, you may want to purchase emergency escape ladders for the bedrooms in your apartment. If you hear the fire alarms go off, feel your door before opening it. If you feel heat coming from the entrance to your unit, emergency escape ladders will provide you with a way out through your window. Rather than risking potential injury trying to reach the building's fire escape, having your own can provide you with a secure way to reach the ground.

2 and 3 Story Emergency Escape Ladders

FireSafetySource offers both 2 and 3 story emergency escape ladders. With metal steps and collapsible nylon straps, an emergency escape ladder can easily be stored when it is not being used. These ladders are strong enough to support up to 1,000 pounds, however, so you can safely descend in the case of an emergency.

For small fires that can easily be extinguished, FireSafetySource also carries the fire protection products that you would need. They stock everything from fire blankets to smoke detectors, and most orders placed before noon Eastern time are shipped out the same day. To learn more about their emergency escape ladders and other products, contact them at or (913) 485-9918. If you are ordering a large quantity of products, call them to find out more about their discount pricing for large orders.

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