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3rd Story Fire Escape Ladder

3 Story Fire Escape Ladder

While bedroom windows may provide a path through which you can exit your home during an emergency, this is only the case if you are close enough to the ground. If you live in a townhome or 3 story home, however, you can injure yourself trying to exit through one of those windows. During an emergency such as a fire, though, you may not be left with much of a choice.

Having a 3 story fire escape ladder will let you take advantage of these points of egress without compromising your safety in another way. While you might think that a 3 story ladder would be a large item that is both cumbersome and difficult to store, it can actually be quite compact. As a 3 story fire escape ladder hangs down from your window, it can be stored in a compressed form until it needs to be used.

A 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder Protects Your Family or Employees

At FireSafetySource, you can choose from both 2 and 3 story fire escape ladders. The 2 story fire escape ladder is 13 feet in length, while the 3 story ladder is 25 feet long. Each can be easily secured to your window sill and will hang away from the side of your home for an easy descent.

In addition to escape ladders, you can also pick up fire extinguishers, blankets, and smoke detectors at FireSafetySource. To find out more about any of their products, contact them at or (913) 485-9918. If you are ordering large quantities of any of their products, call them to inquire about their quantity discount programs.

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