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Window Escape Ladders

Window Escape Ladders

While you might have an emergency escape route planned from your home, the same may not be true of places where you stay when traveling for business. In some cases, you might be relocated for months at a time. Some of the buildings in which you stay on your extended business trips may be equipped with fire escapes, while others may not.

Rather than taking a chance when you are away from home, you can bring window escape ladders with you when you travel. Portable window escape ladders can easily be stored in your luggage, and weigh less than eight pounds for the 13 foot length. You can quickly set them up should you need to use them.

13 and 25 Foot Window Escape Ladders

FireSafetySource carries both 13 foot and 25 foot window escape ladders. In addition to using them when you are traveling, you may also want to store them in the bedrooms in your home and in your office. If the path to the building's fire escape is obstructed by fire or smoke, you'll have another avenue to safety.

Other products that you might want to consider adding to your home or office are fire blankets, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, all of which are available at FireSafetySource at low prices with fast shipping. To find out more information about any of their products, call them at (888) 947-3473 or send a message to them at If you are ordering bulk quantities for your employees, call prior to ordering for information about their volume discounts.

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