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Fire Resistant Blanket

Fire Resistant Blanket

While safety laws require fire extinguishers to be present in most buildings--including apartment buildings and condominiums--the building's fire extinguishers may not be near your unit. In addition, depending on where the fire in your unit occurs, using the fire extinguisher may cause damage to other items that you would prefer to protect.

For example, if a fire starts near your computer or near paper files, you must put it out--but using a fire extinguisher might destroy your documents or electronics. One alternative to using a fire extinguisher in this case is to use a fire resistant blanket. The blanket deprives the fire of oxygen, so it can not continue to burn.

Fire Resistant Blanket Storage Cabinets

FireSafetySource offers a selection of fire resistant blankets and blanket storage cabinets. You can fire resistant blanket cabinets that are hung on your wall or set on the floor, both of which offer quick access. They also offer an extensive selection of fire extinguishers, letting you stock up on everything that you need to protect yourself or residents of your building from fires.

Most orders received before noon (Eastern time) are shipped out on the same day, so you'll have your fire safety products soon after ordering them. If you are ordering a large supply of fire resistant blankets or extinguishers, call FireSafetySource at (888) 947-3473 to inquire about their discount programs. For more information about any fire resistant blanket or extinguisher in their selection, contact them at or (888) 947-3473.
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