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 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

Many families choose to live in two- or three-story single family homes. Often, the main floor contains the living room, kitchen, and dining room, while bedrooms are located upstairs. That makes it difficult for the family to escape in the even of a fire during the night.

If a fire starts on the first floor while you are asleep, the smoke may not set off the alarms on the upper floors of a 2 story home. Even if your fire alarms are activated, you may find that it is not safe for you and your family to head downstairs. In such an event, a 2 story fire escape ladder can provide a safe exit from your home through the windows on the second floor.

A 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder Can Be Collapsed and Stored Inside

Unlike unsightly fire escapes that you may see on apartment buildings, a 2 story fire escape ladder does not have to be a permanent fixture. A 2 story fire escape ladder can be fitted around your window sill and is long enough to allow you to reach the ground safely. When collapsed, a 2 story fire escape ladder can easily be stored in a closet or underneath a bed to be at the ready should you ever need to use it.

At FireSafetySource, you will find both 2 and 3 story fire escape ladders from Kidde. With their competitive prices, you can purchase fire escape ladders for all of the bedrooms in your home. To learn more about their fire safety products, contact them at or (888) 947-3473. If you're considering purchasing a large number of fire escape ladders, call them and ask for information on their volume discounts.

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