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Cigarette Smoke Detectors
Cigarette Smoke Alarms

Cigarette Smoke Alarms

We do not currently sell smoke detectors but are looking for a good product to represent. Please advise if you know of one.

Cigarette smoke is not detectable by most smoke alarms. However, many people have the need to detect smoke created by a cigarette for the purposes of smoking compliance. Hotels have smoking rooms and non-smoking rooms that require that cigarette smokers follow non-smoking policy and the local law. Schools have areas such as lounges and restrooms that are susceptible to cigarette users who are choosing not to follow non-smoking rules and laws. Government and business buildings have challenges with break rooms and common areas.

All these places have in common the need to keep non-compliant individuals from smoking cigarettes. There are two methods to accomplish this. One is to create an alarm situation which will draw attention to the smoking via a beeping noise encouraging the smoker to extinguish and exit. The other is to electronically notify a monitoring facility such as a school office or hotel lobby that such behavior is taking place. Depending on your goal being deterrence or identification of violators, one method will be preferable to the other.
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