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Mariner Options (Boat, Watercraft, USCG)
Mariner Fire Extinguishers for Watercraft
Boat fires can be more deadly than any other kind of fire, so having the right fire extinguisher like a Mariner, from Kidde can make the difference between making port or making headlines. Mariner Fire Extinguishers meet U.S. Coast Guard standards for hand-portable extinguishers and are effective on flammable fuels, gas, oil and grease. ABC Mariner Fire Extinguishers use non-toxic monoammonium phosphate to fight wood, paper and cloth fires, extinguishing fire in seconds. BC Mariner Fire Extinguishers expel a sodium bicarbonate fire fighting agent that won't fuse with or damage metal surfaces and are especially effective on gasoline or electrical fires. Plus, clean up is easier and less expensive.
All of these units are USCG approved.

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